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Chebe powder

How to use the Chebe Powder and Karkar Oil Hair Treatment

Lately, everyone has been curious about how to use chebe powder for hair growth. We have compiled our favourite methods that will make your hair strong, healthy, soft and moisturised, and you will be able to grow it out like you have always wanted. Join us, as we discuss the most efficient and effective ways of using this natural remedy.

Lately, chebe powder has been all the rage among people who struggle to grow out their hair. This magical natural remedy has swept the nation, and it continues making waves in the beauty community.

There are two things all of these methods have in common. First, you should do a test on a strand of hair and see if you have an allergic reaction to one of the chebe powder ingredients. If you do, you should not try these methods. Second, do not let the powder get to your scalp, as it might cause irritation and dandruff after prolonged use.


Method One:

For this method, you are going to need chebe powder, karkar oil and shea butter. When you get the necessary ingredients, follow these simple steps:

  • Chebe Powder with karkar oil until you get a slightly liquid-y mixture. There should be enough to cover all of your hair.
  • Section the hair and wet it. You can use a spray bottle to make it more convenient.
  • Apply your mixture to the hair and then add the chebe powder on top. Do this to all of your sections and make sure the powder is not touching the scalp.
  • When you feel like your hair is properly covered and moisturised, braid it up.
  • Remove the excess oil from the braids and spray them with water.
  • Leave the braids for up to 5 days, then unbraid the hair and repeat the process. If you notice buildup, wash your hair thoroughly before going through with the procedure. If all is fine, you can repeat the treatment without washing out the previous one.

Method Two:

  1. Measure one teaspoonful of the chebe powder & also measure two capful of the karkar oil (the cap is the cover of the oil) into a container, mix together and rub the mixture on the scalp of your head, massage it properly. (Note: wash your hair before use and partially dry it, let your hair wet small ).
  2. After applying it ,Pack your hair or weave it and allow it to be there for 14-21 days without washing it, Wash your hair after 14-21 days and reapply the mixture with same dosage as used b4, you can plait your hair after applying it and keep it till you loose the hair.
  3. Continue applying it each time you loose your hair and allow it to be there till you loose the hair, (a set of the product is to be used 4 times which it can last up to 4 months); The length of your hair will increase each time you loose the hair.
  4. If u want to grow front hair or back hair, mix the same dosage into separate container and apply it daily on the front hair or back scalp you want hair to grow.
  5. For low cut, measure one teaspoonful of the powder and one cover of the oil,massage on the scalp and keep it for 3-7 days before washing.
  6. For lies or dandruff, massage it thoroughly on your hair scalp (follow the procedure in number 1)

Watch the video to find out how to use the Chebe powder and oil in details..

Please note: The two oils you see in this video is the Karkar oil!

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