MAANGE5152 20 Pcs Makeup Brushes Set

10,500.00 8,600.00


MAANGE5152 20 Pcs Makeup Brushes Set + 8 Pcs Makeup Sponges + S-Shape Blush Brush + Foundation Brush + Contour Brush

Package Component:

4 x Beauty Blender (Water Drop Shape)
4 x Beauty Blender (Gourd Shape)
1 x S-Shape Blush Brush
1 x Foundation Brush
1 x Flat Contour Brush
Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Lip Brush, Mascara
Brush, Sponge Brush,Smudge Brush, Nose
Shadow Brush, Eyeliner Brush…
The function of brushes are marked in brush handle,easy to use.


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